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What Is Brain Fog?

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Brain Fog is a symptom created by something you don’t need… something you are missing… possibly some form of cellular memory or other energetic pattern which needs to be healed.

Brain Fog is NOT a symptom of drug deficiency.  Brain Fog is frequently caused as a side effect of drugs.  If the victim complains, they are prescribed more drugs.

When Brain Fog is a drug side effect, you must be very careful when you discontinue drugs.  There are formulas with schedules you can find for discontinuing drugs.  Your Doctor may even help.

I do not know how much of the challenge is real and how much is hype by drug pushers who want you to feel it is almost impossible to quit buying their drugs.  This is like the tobacco companies who celebrated when this stupid belief came along: “Cigarettes are harder to quit than heroin.”

Well, heroin can’t be that hard to quit since millions have quit smoking without help from doctors or politicians.

Brain Fog Cure can be as simple as: Stop Something, Add Something, Handle Stress or some combination… Sometimes we overload and/or we are missing a vital nutrient. Explore these simple steps to discover what works for you…

Another good thing about alternatives to pHARMaceutical and mainstream medical cartels is that alternatives almost always benefit you even if you have not found the main source of your challenge yet… Sometimes you only need to do a little to help your immune system kick back into full action and take care of any problem you are dealing with.

For instance; suppose you take vitamin D3 because you feel a deficiency could be the source of your symptoms.

Even if you are wrong, Vitamin D3 is vitally important for your body and mind to function properly…

AND… Sometimes, you may be dealing with a toxin and stress issues.  You take Vitamin D3 and it helps heal other problems you are body is dealing with.  This frees up your immune system to battle brain fog.

You chose the wrong solution and it worked anyway; because, it helped another problem to free your natural healing resources to deal with your main issue.

That doesn’t happen with drugs; because, they aren’t seeking to cure anything… They just want to manage symptoms for ongoing profit.

Below are a number of videos about “What Is Brain Fog?” and some of the different approaches that have worked for others.

You should always have the attitude that there is a solution to whatever you are dealing with; because, you are right.

While searching for the most effective choice or combination, start with what is good for you anyway and do what you can to give your natural healing systems the help they need to solve your problem.

Dr. Hotze – Brain Fog & Memory Loss on Good Morning Texas

Brain Fog and Memory Loss are Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Great Day Houston – Hotze Health and Wellness Center

Mrs. Texas & Mrs. USA – Bio-Identical Hormones

Anti-Cholesterol  – Aspartame & Other Drug Causes

Terri talks with Dr. Steven Hotze about being misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s, when she really was simply suffering from hormonal imbalance. Dr. Hotze tells you about a natural brain fog cure with bioidentical hormones!

Told her she was supposed to be depressed.  Then told her she had early onset alzheimer’s.

Brain Fog Cure… Coconut Oil?

Are you experiencing brain fog? I offer my testimony on how coconut oil along with other dietary changes has caused my brain fog to improve greatly!


Fibro Fog “Really Does Feel Like Early Dementia”

Rebecca, 52, has been living with fibromyalgia for more than 30 years. After struggling without proper treatment for years, she took control of her disease and utilized alternative therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic manipulation to achieve pain control.

Brain Fog Cure? Obesity? Diabetes? Just How Important is Iodine? (Dr. Bud Tarreto)

Brain Fog Cure for ELF EMF Cell Phone Fog / Free Home Trial

The Healing Codes can help you deal with stress you are holding at the cellular level.

Healing and Transforming Stress is always a good thing and really speeds up healing.

Instant Access Healing Codes Self-Healing Program

This What Is Brain Fog Information Is About 1 Way to Address the Sea of

Electro-Magnetic Pollution We All Live In

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Keep in mind.  This information is general and you are unique.  It is additional information.  It is probably not everything you need to know.  Use good judgement.  We don’t know you, your medical history, current conditions or anything about you individually.  You are responsible for your decisions and any consequences, not us.

Keep in mind, you may need to make more than 1 change for fastest and best results.  We live in a high stress world with many toxins and temptations.

Search and you will find.  Your solution(s) await.  Have faith in your own ability to discover your best path and take time to be grateful for everything good in your life, today and do it today.

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